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Nikles Normflex Shower Hose

Nikles Normflex Shower Hose The new high tech Nikles Normflex® shower hose is made from a special material that...

Nikles Silk Spray

The patented Nikles Silk spray is a rejuvenating shower spray with an amazing soft feeling on the skin. Imagine a spray...

Visit us at ISH 2019

Visit us at the ISH 2019 in Frankfurt Germany. Nikles will introduce new product lines which combine the latest Nikles...

Visit us at ISH 2017

Visit us at the ISH 2017 in Frankfurt Germany. On the Nikles booth we will have displays and demonstrations of our new...


Listen to music & answer phone calls while you shower with the Nikles Sound technology.


The new "Infinity" series ideally combines organic, timeless design with ergonomic shapes for the perfect showering...


Spice up your bathroom with the colorful Nikles Dance Shower collection.


Experience a whole new shower with the soothing Nikles Light Shower Heads.


Explore the stylish unique Nikles Lips in different colors.