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Frequently Asked Question

How does the light exactly work with the shower head Rainlight? Is there a sensor?

The shower head Rainlight is regulated by a pressure switch which is activated when the water is on. After the shower, the light remains on for another two minutes.

Are our products suitable for instantaneous water heaters?

Yes, our products are suitable for modern electronic instantaneous water heaters. The only exception is our 6-litre Ecocomfort system.

Is it possibile to get a shower system with a handshower other than the one the system is normally equipped with?

We only offer the shower systems that are in your product range. However, you can order the handshowers separately.

Are shower heads available also in stainless steel?

Yes, please contact us to know which models are available.

What can be done to prevent the shower head from dripping?

All shower heads get empty without this being possibly controlled (which means you cannot fix a specific time) when there is even the smallest intake of air. This may occur in case of a small air bubble on the nozzles or in case of overpressure in the shower feeding system (for example Pex piping system) when, after cooling down, it gets back into its original condition. This is something which happens with all shower heads, irrespective of model and manufacturer. We recommend to put the shower head into a sloping position after the shower (all Nikles shower heads are equipped with an articulated swivel joint) so that the shower head can get empty within a few seconds.

What is the ideal height for mounting a shower system?

For detailed information about how to mount a shower system consult : Montagehöhen Duschsysteme
You can also ask us directly.

What is the minimum and maximum pressure for shower heads and other products?

Basically all shower heads work smoothly at a pressure of 0.5 - 5 BAR. You can see details on the specific flow diagrams.

Is it possible to shorten the shower head arm at will?

No, it is not possible.

Is a customer service available?

Please contact us if you have any problems. It will be a pleasure to help you.

What is the difference between the standard shower head arm (available 30 cm or 45 cm) and the reinforced version?

The reinforced version can be furtherly fixed with two more dowels and is equipped with a larger washer. Moreover, it bears heavier loads.

Flow-rate/minute shower head + handshower

In general, all our handshowers and shower heads have a flow regulator 12 lt. per minute, except for our 6 lt./minute Ecocomfort line and the 500x370 shower, with 20 lt. per minute. You can find this information in our catalogue by each specific product.

Is it possibile to remove the flow regulator?

No, it isn’t. If this happens, the guarantee is no longer valid.

What pipe fittings do Nikles products have?

All our products are equipped with ½“ fittings and they work with a normal flow of 12-18 litres. Therefore, also normal pipes are suitable.

How are flexible hoses to be mounted in case of wall-mounted shower systems?

You have two different fittings: The rear one has to be connected to the tap through the short flexible hose (75cm). The front one has to be connected to the handshower through the long hose (1.25m., 1.50m. o 1.75m). If the hoses are not properly connected, there might be problems with the deviation. You will find more information by the pictures on our Web page or in the mounting instructions manual.

For which products can J99940012N shim washers be used?

They are suitable for Techno and Rondo 24 mm. rods.

What are the built-in and wall-mounted shower systems called in our catalogue?

The built-in shower systems are always called System 1 – UP. The wall-mounted systems are always called System 6 – AP.